Dream Writing

Dream Writing. If you want to come up with something magical, you can do just that. Dream writing is something you can do! It’s like imagination but not just in your head, it’s in your hands as well. Grab a writing utensil, grab a notebook, sit back, relax, then close your eyes. Dream about what … More Dream Writing

Writing and Music

My two favorite hobbies: Writing and Music. Writing You all know that I love to write. Writing takes up so much needed time. Writing can be very peaceful. Writing can clear your mind. Writing can be your own type of meditation. It’s for sure my meditation. I have so much things to say, and it … More Writing and Music

The Love of Writing

Writing is a special kind of art. An art that requires you to have a good sense of creativity in your mind. An art that displays your own words in a more impactful matter. Writing can be an amazing gift to anyone and it’s a great way to explore your mind. Your inner thoughts are … More The Love of Writing