Grüß Sie! Next travel stop is the European country of Austria! I honestly haven’t thought about visiting Austria and I can’t figure out why. Austria looks like a nice country and now is the time I decided that I would want to visit this country as well. Looked into the cities and certain parts of … More Austria


Ciao! Italy’s my next stop on my future traveling trip. I’ve always wanted to visit Italy. Seeing the sights of their towns, their arts, their cultures, and even ancient buildings are worth seeing in person. I’m not gonna lie though, another thing I’ve always wanted to do there is to try their foods. Italy looks … More Italy


Africa, the world’s second largest and second most populous continent! Boy it would be a nice trip to visit Africa. So many islands to see, so many animals to see, just so many amazing views to witness in person. I’ve always had an interest in Africa after finding out the continent’s features a large diversity … More Africa


Next stop, Scotland! Scotland has always been an unique country that I want to visit. It’s unique to me because of their overall atmosphere of their wildernesses. Whenever I see pictures of wilderness in some of their cities, I just feel in awe. Not just their wildernesses but some of their ancient buildings look very … More Scotland


Now how exactly can I talk about traveling and not include Japan? That’s a question anybody should ask themselves whenever they talk about traveling. Japan is a place I would love to go visit in a heartbeat. So many great places to see in person that wouldn’t even be described in words for me. So … More Japan


Spain is my first destination for my future traveling adventure, as the great country of England will be my second destination! England is another country that I would love to visit in the near future. In my life so far I’ve actually met a select few of British people and each of them have been … More England


One thing about me that not a lot of people know is that I LOVE traveling! Anytime I’m on a plane, I always get this adrenaline rush going through my body and I’m always set on traveling to different places around the world. This blog will be dedicated to the very first place I would … More Spain