24/7 Learning Experience

This is a dream I’ll NEVER let go! Never. To travel. To learn. All day, all month, all year! Traveling around the world would be the biggest learning experience anyone could ever imagine. There’s just so much in life to see in person. So much history, culture, just overall major experiences. Who wouldn’t want to … More 24/7 Learning Experience

Cultural Man

I’m a cultural man. I see so much aspects of the world and I would instantly dream of visiting them. I WILL visit them. Whenever I see pictures of Japan, New Zealand, England, Australia, Austria, Greece, and etc I just want to step through the screen and be in the sight of those places in … More Cultural Man


One of the most populated countries in the world, India! This South Asian country is the seventh largest country by area and the second most populous country with more than 1.3 billion. Talk about in depth! People aside, this country looks great with their cultural aspects and the overall atmosphere of it. Seems like each … More India


It’s been a while since I’ve done a travel blog, and I’m glad to pick up the pace with this special blog here! Now if you guys have read my previous travel blogs, I’m always big on seeing different cultures throughout the world. Bulgaria stood out to me and I haven’t seen much of this … More Bulgaria