Atlanta was a little girl who was born in the cold air of a valley. Her mother left her immediately, instantly became an orphan. She hated the orphanage. Not knowing who her mother was, Atlanta set out on living her own life. She didn’t want to live in a “random” family. It was either her … More Atlanta

Quick, Sandy!

Sandy is a like a bolt of lightning when it came to speed. She is a fast young lady! She is quick. She has a ton of agility. She’s very energetic! Sandy can move like no other! Sandy loves to go on runs every morning, noon, and night. She doesn’t know the meaning of the … More Quick, Sandy!

The Legal Lock

You’re locked in. You’re caged. You’re trapped. All you can do is sit still. Wondering how to escape. You can’t. Troubling isn’t it? Don’t know what to do. Sit there and think to yourself why you are in this position. You’re trapped in the Legal Lock. The Legal Lock keeps you away from everything. You … More The Legal Lock

The Bite *Part 4*

Chris and this gigantic wolf. Face to face. Chris wanted this, now he’s got it. He’s frozen. Has no idea what to do. The wolf growled and snickered at Chris. That wolf’s ready to attack but Chris, is he ready? Chris starts to dash at the wolf, but the wolf sidesteps him. Wolf then begins … More The Bite *Part 4*

The Bite *Part 3*

The weekend comes. It’s Friday night. Chris finally decides he’s ready. He’s finally ready to confront the unknown animal. The unknown animal who’s responsible for the bite mark. The bite mark is still healing. Chris has been experiencing pain from it but none too severe. He’s been having this creature on his mind 24/7. Still … More The Bite *Part 3*

The Bite *Part 2*

Chris walks to the woods, stares it down as he has flashbacks to the attack. His left hand still has the bite mark, his hair is getting darker, his fangs are continuing to grow. Chris knows he’s turning into something, but he didn’t want to focus on that at the moment. He wants to confront … More The Bite *Part 2*