Jenny The Wolf

This is a story about a young wolf who grows into one of the strongest independent wolves in the world. Jenny was the youngest of 3 siblings in a family of wolves. Her mother and father were both of the most respected wolves in the entire community. Everyone knew them, everyone loved them. One night, … More Jenny The Wolf

Bella’s Dead

Oh my goodness, Bella is dead. My sweet precious Bella is gone. I can’t believe this! Why Bella? Why take that precious angel off this earth? I loved Bella, and she loved me. In fact, Bella loved the world. She was very caring, very sweet. What a woman. She’s gone. I just can’t believe it. … More Bella’s Dead


Hi, my name’s Michael. I’m shy. I’m artsy. I’m a loner. I’m a lover. I’m just misunderstood. I’m just being me. I am a man of passion. I am a man of self awareness. I am a man of peace. I love the people, I love the world, but I don’t think they love me … More Michael