Rose’s Blood

The rose is blood red. Drips with love, but with hurt. Thorns are sharp, but bright. Once I present you a rose, I’m showing you my love. You don’t know what I’ve gone through to get that rose for you. You can guess too. The rose is covered in the blood of love. Blood from … More Rose’s Blood

The Bite *Part 4*

Chris and this gigantic wolf. Face to face. Chris wanted this, now he’s got it. He’s frozen. Has no idea what to do. The wolf growled and snickered at Chris. That wolf’s ready to attack but Chris, is he ready? Chris starts to dash at the wolf, but the wolf sidesteps him. Wolf then begins … More The Bite *Part 4*

The Bite *Part 3*

The weekend comes. It’s Friday night. Chris finally decides he’s ready. He’s finally ready to confront the unknown animal. The unknown animal who’s responsible for the bite mark. The bite mark is still healing. Chris has been experiencing pain from it but none too severe. He’s been having this creature on his mind 24/7. Still … More The Bite *Part 3*

The Bite *Part 2*

Chris walks to the woods, stares it down as he has flashbacks to the attack. His left hand still has the bite mark, his hair is getting darker, his fangs are continuing to grow. Chris knows he’s turning into something, but he didn’t want to focus on that at the moment. He wants to confront … More The Bite *Part 2*

The Bite *Part 1*

On a chilly Monday morning, Chris was walking to school as he lives close to a nearby woods. It was a typical morning, walking and listening to music. As he strolls past the woods, he hears a sound. Sounded like weeping. He couldn’t help but to investigate the sound. He goes into the woods as … More The Bite *Part 1*

Sleep Child….

Go to sleep little one. Don’t be exposed to this virus we call reality. You shouldn’t see this environment. You’re young and pure. Don’t witness the horror. I would hate to see you in pain. You’re full of life. You have a long journey ahead of you. Just close your eyes and rest. I’ll carry … More Sleep Child….