Atlanta was a little girl who was born in the cold air of a valley. Her mother left her immediately, instantly became an orphan. She hated the orphanage. Not knowing who her mother was, Atlanta set out on living her own life. She didn’t want to live in a “random” family. It was either her … More Atlanta

My Little Phony

I see you. I saw you. Acting like nothing’s going on, even though I saw you doing the complete opposite. Straight up two timing. You fool. You f***ing fool. Why though? Why the act? Pretending to be something you’re not. You know what, you’re a good actor I must say. Here’s the thing, you can’t … More My Little Phony

Heavy Eyes

My eyes are heavy as I can’t seem to open them on my own command. It’s hard. Only time I could ever do that is when I’m feeling good. I haven’t been feeling that in a long time. Because of that, my eyes are heavy. I feel my eyes are open, but once I look … More Heavy Eyes

Quick, Sandy!

Sandy is a like a bolt of lightning when it came to speed. She is a fast young lady! She is quick. She has a ton of agility. She’s very energetic! Sandy can move like no other! Sandy loves to go on runs every morning, noon, and night. She doesn’t know the meaning of the … More Quick, Sandy!

The Legal Lock

You’re locked in. You’re caged. You’re trapped. All you can do is sit still. Wondering how to escape. You can’t. Troubling isn’t it? Don’t know what to do. Sit there and think to yourself why you are in this position. You’re trapped in the Legal Lock. The Legal Lock keeps you away from everything. You … More The Legal Lock

Her Beast

She’s beautiful. She’s strong. She’s confident. One thing she has over everything, is protection. She has protection from her true friend. She has…..her beast. Her beast is her greater power. Her beast protects her from the evil. Her beast attacks for good. Her beast attacks for guidance. Her beast is her best friend. She’s young … More Her Beast