Dear Belle

Belle, You’ve been doing a lot of soul searching I see. You travel the world looking for that one pure soul and you want to have it. I get it, I do. Patiently waiting and waiting and waiting, getting frustrated during the process. It takes time Belle. Your pure soul will cross your path when … More Dear Belle

Willy James

Here’s a story about a man who was the ultimate trickster. This is a story about the one and only, Willy James. Willy James was a business man who loved to fool others. Played people out of their money and stole a few goods for himself. The man was smart, yet deadly. Not only would … More Willy James

The Blue City

Here, everything’s crystal blue. The lights, the buildings, the sky, it’s magical. It’s astonishing. It’s….The Blue City. The Blue City is full of wonder. There’s no other place like the blue surroundings. The wonder palace. It comes off mysterious but honestly, it’s heaven on earth. Everyone’s different. Everything’s different. The Blue City is different. That’s … More The Blue City


Oh Maria, you’re so precious. You’re the absolute beauty. Your hair, your skin, your eyes, your personality. You’re just beautiful Maria! Who could ever replace you? You’re magnificent. Maria, I don’t understand how you’re so independent. Everyone wants you, but you push people away. Why? Maybe it’s because you don’t trust anyone. You feel someone … More Maria


It’s 12 o’clock AM. It’s officially midnight. The moon’s at full affect. It’s a whole new day. A whole new morning. It’s midnight. The freak’s are out. Coyotes are on the hunt. Owls are at peace. Everything’s dark, yet soothing. It’s quiet. All you can hear is crickets. There’s not many lights around. There’s a … More Midnight

Bella’s Dead

Oh my goodness, Bella is dead. My sweet precious Bella is gone. I can’t believe this! Why Bella? Why take that precious angel off this earth? I loved Bella, and she loved me. In fact, Bella loved the world. She was very caring, very sweet. What a woman. She’s gone. I just can’t believe it. … More Bella’s Dead