You Kick Me?

Here I am down and out. I can’t move. Arms are jelly. Legs are jelly. I feel like a damn vegetable. With no strength to pick myself up and go on with my life, here you come to kick me. You kick me while I’m down? How dare you…. You know, I don’t understand sinners … More You Kick Me?

Twitching Night

One night, I was wide awake and felt uneasy. The moon’s out and everything’s dark. Typical night. Suddenly, I started to twitch. Don’t know why. Don’t know for what. For a moment, I’m thinking I was being possessed. Then I stopped. Okay……what was that? Now I’m 100% wide awake. No sleep for me this night. … More Twitching Night

Driven to Love

Julia Graye was a very famous Hollywood star. An actress, model, entrepreneur. Julia was the real deal. Everyone knew her, everyone loved her. Well, except for one person. That one person was her totally obnoxious boyfriend, Ron Banks. Ron was an actor himself, but his fame mostly came from dating Julia. They’ve been dating for … More Driven to Love

Swamp Away

One fine morning, I was in a swamp. On my kayak, enjoying the sunrise and all. It was so peaceful. It was so beautiful. I rode around the swamp as I gazed at the frogs. They were like little children hoping around on the leaves having a good time. I see a family of ducks. … More Swamp Away

Dark Water

One day, I was drowning. I was drowning but somehow, I opened my eyes. What I saw was shocking. Here I am, drowning, but opened by eyes and saw black. Black? Black. Then, I gained the strength to rise above the water. After rubbing the water out of my eyes, I analyzed the water and … More Dark Water


I’m happy, but I’m behind closed doors. I’m alive, but hidden. I keep myself locked. That’s who I am. I’m in my own cage. I come out when pleased. Once I’m out then I’m out and about. Within a flash, I’m gone. I’m back in the cage. Locked, waiting for the right time to come … More Introverted