My Little Phony

I see you. I saw you. Acting like nothing’s going on, even though I saw you doing the complete opposite. Straight up two timing. You fool. You f***ing fool. Why though? Why the act? Pretending to be something you’re not. You know what, you’re a good actor I must say. Here’s the thing, you can’t … More My Little Phony

Blue Butterfly

A butterfly with its crystal blue wings. The angel butterfly. This butterfly spreads joy. The spirit of love. Blue Butterfly. 💙🦋 The butterfly that flies through the world and its purpose is to leave a bit of love to all. Blue love. The butterfly will make you feel like you’re in heaven. With its sparkling … More Blue Butterfly

Swamp Away

One fine morning, I was in a swamp. On my kayak, enjoying the sunrise and all. It was so peaceful. It was so beautiful. I rode around the swamp as I gazed at the frogs. They were like little children hoping around on the leaves having a good time. I see a family of ducks. … More Swamp Away