You Kick Me?

Here I am down and out. I can’t move. Arms are jelly. Legs are jelly. I feel like a damn vegetable. With no strength to pick myself up and go on with my life, here you come to kick me. You kick me while I’m down? How dare you…. You know, I don’t understand sinners … More You Kick Me?


I was out on a walk, simply enjoying myself. Suddenly, I see two squirrels fight! Scratching, biting, clawing each other…….what? I went down to the peer to simply enjoy the view. Suddenly, I see two birds pecking at each other. Total aggression displayed between the two. What? I went on to the local beach bar. … More What?

Kiwi Air

Feel the flow of the Kiwi Air. This particular air soothes your skin. Gives you goosebumps. Impacts your mind. You’ll feel spiritual. Can you feel it? Can you feel the wind of God? It’s like you’re on a new planet. The Kiwi Air is very rare to feel. If you do feel it, congratulations. You’re … More Kiwi Air

Love Sea

C’mon. Grab my hand, close your eyes, count to three, and jump in the Love Sea with me… Swimming with the fishes as we sing along with the creatures. Rejoicing, such love everywhere. Whales came along and we rode on their backs. Everything’s great in the Love Sea. Deep crystal blue water filled with loving … More Love Sea