Jumping (Mind) Jacks

I’ve been meaning to ask you guys this for a while. Does any of you ever have that random moment where you’re sitting still and feel like your mind is playing tricks on you? Your brain is doing twists and twirls and you have a blank expression on your face? That’s how I feel sometimes. … More Jumping (Mind) Jacks

Just Scream

Ever felt so angry that you feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to? Ever felt so angry that you want to take your anger out on something or someone? Ever felt so miserable that you feel like you just can’t take it anymore? Ever felt so worthless? So destroyed? So distraught? Then step … More Just Scream

A Creative Mind

Creativity is one of the best traits a person could ever have. This allows you to think outside the box, think from your own imagination, and use that imagination to create something very special for people to remember you by. You can create anything you want as long as you use your mind and effort … More A Creative Mind