Misunderstood Enemies

The truth gets you killed. The love gets you hurt. Being real gets you hated. These are what I call Misunderstood Enemies. Why though? Why does any of this stuff happen to you? It’s something I think about from time to time. You be you, yet you’ll get some time of consequence for it. That’s … More Misunderstood Enemies

Put Your Hand Out

Everyone has their ups and downs in life, especially downs. Whenever we fall down, the main thing to do is to get back up and keep going. For some people, getting back up isn’t their option. They would rather stay down and feel bad about themselves. That’s where you can step in. Sometimes all it … More Put Your Hand Out

Love: A Form of Art

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s all about spreading love! Couples across the country will spend their Valentine’s Day showcasing their love for one another. There’s always a creative way that couples showcase their love for one another through dinners, gestures of flowers and roses, dates, big ass teddy bears, etc. One thing that … More Love: A Form of Art