Learn Through It All

We go through so much each and every day. All the hardships, the pain, the suffering. So many to name. Instead of thinking that it’s terrible luck on you, think about what it’s really doing. It’s a learning experience. Maybe a terrible learning experience, but a learning experience. Each day is a lesson. Many hardships. … More Learn Through It All

Motivational Energy

Anybody can wake up and move on with their day with energy. You wake up, eat breakfast, maybe workout, go to work, etc and you do it with energy. Any energy is good to have to get your day going but have you guys ever thought about motivational energy? That’s what I need THE MOST! … More Motivational Energy

Like A Movie

Life’s like a movie. Each day is a scene. Some have interesting scenes, some does not. Some have mild scenes, some have crazy scenes. Every day’s a scene. You’re obviously the main character. Actually, you’re the director too. It’s your movie, so you’re the director, producer, and main character. You’re doing it all. Life’s what … More Like A Movie

Life Sucks….

Life sucks huh? Things aren’t going your way. You think everyone’s against you. You start to believe negativity. You start to doubt yourself. Life sucks…… Life isn’t so fantastic huh? You plan for something and it doesn’t work out. You set yourself up for something good then somehow things don’t go so well. You’re promised … More Life Sucks….