What is A Student?

The title of this blog is a serious question: What is A Student? A student is someone whose willing to sit and absorb their teacher’s craft. A student will always arrive with preparation to learn. A true student studies everything. Always ready to learn. Always on time. Always happy to be upfront by the teacher….

Learn Through It All

We go through so much each and every day. All the hardships, the pain, the suffering. So many to name. Instead of thinking that it’s terrible luck on you, think about what it’s really doing. It’s a learning experience. Maybe a terrible learning experience, but a learning experience. Each day is a lesson. Many hardships….

24/7 Learning Experience

This is a dream I’ll NEVER let go! Never. To travel. To learn. All day, all month, all year! Traveling around the world would be the biggest learning experience anyone could ever imagine. There’s just so much in life to see in person. So much history, culture, just overall major experiences. Who wouldn’t want to…