Waiting in Dirt

“Waiting” That’s such a dirty word to me. “Waiting” Sometimes when I hear that word, it irritates me. Does it to you? Patience is key, but sometimes it’s not. Waiting can do good, but sometimes it can’t. The more you wait, chances are good things will come. The more you wait, you’re slipping your life … More Waiting in Dirt

Freeze Frame

Have you ever been stuck? Can’t seem to move? You may be in a frame. Think of it as you’re a picture. You’re a portrait. You’re art. Now do you feel cold as well? Yeah, chills. You’re a picture and you’re cold. I’m trying to make you have an imagination right now. When you’re cold, … More Freeze Frame

Learn Through It All

We go through so much each and every day. All the hardships, the pain, the suffering. So many to name. Instead of thinking that it’s terrible luck on you, think about what it’s really doing. It’s a learning experience. Maybe a terrible learning experience, but a learning experience. Each day is a lesson. Many hardships. … More Learn Through It All

Motivational Energy

Anybody can wake up and move on with their day with energy. You wake up, eat breakfast, maybe workout, go to work, etc and you do it with energy. Any energy is good to have to get your day going but have you guys ever thought about motivational energy? That’s what I need THE MOST! … More Motivational Energy


Indeed I will rise. Indeed I will fall. Indeed I will prevail. Indeed God will call. Indeed I believe. Indeed I know. Indeed love is above. Indeed hate is below. Indeed I’m sad. Indeed I show grief. Indeed I’m hurt. Indeed the pain is brief. Indeed I’m happy. Indeed I’m excited. Indeed I’m skippy. Indeed … More Indeed

Author Arson

Have you ever read a book so good that you just want to burn it afterwards, just do no one else can have it?! I know…..very dumb question. But seriously, we’ve all read a book so good that you were left amazed. There’s just something about authors that can capture your attention word for word. … More Author Arson