Fall With Me

Come fall with me. Let’s enjoy the color changing leaves together. Let’s drink coffee together. Hell, beer would do too. Maybe some Jack Daniels. I don’t mind. Let’s go on strolls together in the mist of clouds with a little bit of rain. There’ll be chilly days, so we can wear jackets, hoodies, etc. When … More Fall With Me

What is Perfect?

You think you’re perfect? Tell me, why do you think you’re perfect? Not trying to be a jerk here. Just wondering why? What exactly is perfect? To be honest, that’s a question I ask myself throughout my whole life. Even as a child okay? Even a CHILD, I’ve always wanted to know what exactly is … More What is Perfect?

I Write……

I write so I can bring a little bit of joy into this hateful world. I write to share my mind. I write to connect with others all over. I write to ease my unknown pain. I write to voice my inner opinions. I write to create unique imaginations. I write because that’s what I … More I Write……

A Burning Love

My love burns for you. Here, take this rose. Yes, it’s on fire. That symbolizes my love for you. A burning love is for the desire. With this love, you’ll be forever drenched in the heat of the moment. The moment you touch this flower, you’re my meteor. You’re my iron. My love for you … More A Burning Love