We Stand

We’re all in a state of anger. So much chaos going on. Destruction, brutality. We all want it to stop! Too much hate, too much damage, too much evil. It should all come to an end sooner than later. I fear for the worst. I fear for the inevitable. There’s should be no more fear. … More We Stand

Why The Pain?

There’s so much unnecessary pain going on in the world today. Honestly, ever since 2020 began. Deaths, viruses, racism. Why? Why the pain? Why the unnecessary suffering? What did the world do to deserve this? What did we do to deserve such punishment? I don’t understand. Seeing so many people suffer is devastating. There’s so … More Why The Pain?

Light Behind The Dark

There’s always a light behind the dark. There’s so much darkness everywhere. It’s crazy. Very sad. Don’t be misconstrued though. Behind darkness, there’s light. The light is always behind the dark. You just have to find it. Believe in it. The light will always appear once you fight your way through the darkness. That light … More Light Behind The Dark

The Blue City

Here, everything’s crystal blue. The lights, the buildings, the sky, it’s magical. It’s astonishing. It’s….The Blue City. The Blue City is full of wonder. There’s no other place like the blue surroundings. The wonder palace. It comes off mysterious but honestly, it’s heaven on earth. Everyone’s different. Everything’s different. The Blue City is different. That’s … More The Blue City

The Blood

Dripping in red liquid. Soiled in it. It comes from our insides. When we’re cut open, the blood runs out. The blood streams down your body in thermal degrees as it’s been trapped inside you for your whole life. The blood’s so warm, so critical. The taste of the blood is very…..different. You get a … More The Blood

Under The Tree

Under The Tree. I see leaves. I see grass. I see daisy’s. I see an ant farm. I see grasshoppers. I see birds eating. I see nature. Under The Tree. I sit on a bench. I feel the fresh air surrounding myself. I even take a sniff and I smell nothing but the fresh air. … More Under The Tree