Why The Confrontation?

Oh yes, this is where it all begins. For a while now, Athena and Jade have despised each other. Well according to Jade, Athena despises her because she’s supposedly jealous of her. Whatever the case, these two have some animosity towards one another that has been kept quiet until Athena spoke up about it recently. … More Why The Confrontation?

War of Words

Athena and Jade. These two had a war of words before they get the chance to meet face to face. Not gonna waste any more time here. Here’s what they had to say: Athena: “Jade, I can’t stand you. Every time I look at you, all I see is evil. Evil always takes over this … More War of Words


Athena, this hidden spirit. She’s a hidden beauty. She’s just secretive. She doesn’t like to be well known, she likes to be in the dark. She likes to be in the dark but yet, she likes to roam. She wants to spread her blue spirit all over the world. If she wants to be remembered, … More Athena