Remember The Art

If you’re an artist, why are you an artist? I ask because there’s many different answers. Plenty of them actually. Now here’s another question: Why do you create your art? Again, they’ll be plenty of different answers. Last question: Would you like your art to be remembered for eternity? Now with that question, everyone should … More Remember The Art

What’s Your Craft?

We all have our crafts that we’re creating. What’s yours? Our crafts defines what we want to bring into this large, open world. There’s so much to bring to the table. We all have creations. We all want to strive to the top. We all have our own ways to do so. We all have … More What’s Your Craft?

Writing is Art

Writing is indeed art. Putting your thoughts on paper, jotting down your inner mind is art. Not even just on paper but on the worldwide web as well. Any kind of writing is a form of art. A person can come up with such fascinating imagery from their brains and that clearly shows throughout history … More Writing is Art

Love: A Form of Art

Valentine’s Day is coming up and it’s all about spreading love! Couples across the country will spend their Valentine’s Day showcasing their love for one another. There’s always a creative way that couples showcase their love for one another through dinners, gestures of flowers and roses, dates, big ass teddy bears, etc. One thing that … More Love: A Form of Art