Hi there, you want to meet some people? Sure you do! Meet Jack and Wack. These two guys are the silliest clowns. They love to prank, laugh, simply just like to have a good time. They’ll prank anyone whenever they get the chance. Splashing water, pie facing, tickling, you name it. They’re goofy. Goofy clowns….

Birds of Pray

Four little birds have flown to heaven. They now see the skies. They’re amazed at what heaven looks like. They fly endlessly as they go on their own adventure to see the angels. With each time passing, each bird says a prayer. They pray for their time in the sky. They pray that they come…


Billy was out on the run. No, he was curious. He loved to explore his surroundings. Whether it’s up the street or up town, Billy always wanted to explore. His parents could never keep an eye on him. He’s like their own little Spider-Man. Billy always had the desire to go out and experience life….

She Held On

She tried. She really did try. She held on for a long time. She really did try. Her patience was running thin. She couldn’t determine when the stress will end. She was just……done. She packed up her belongings and left. All alone and now on her own. She walked for a long time til she…

What is the Key to Success??

What EXACTLY is the key to success? Heart? Determination? Drive? Passion? Consistency? There’s so much to list off. Honestly, it’s all of those! There’s more as well. Not giving up on your dreams. Never quitting. Picking yourself back up after a big fall from grace. Self confidence. If you have any of these traits, you’ll…

What is A Student?

The title of this blog is a serious question: What is A Student? A student is someone whose willing to sit and absorb their teacher’s craft. A student will always arrive with preparation to learn. A true student studies everything. Always ready to learn. Always on time. Always happy to be upfront by the teacher….