Pain in the Eyes

How can you tell if someone’s hiding their pain? Can you see it in their eyes? Could you look into someone’s eyes and say “That person’s in pain…”? We all have pain in our eyes. Some can display it, some can’t. Some will share it, some won’t. We all have it though. It’s inevitable. Life … More Pain in the Eyes

Givers and Takers

Givers: Givers are selfless. They give, so you can have. They’ll give anyone things that they don’t need anymore, so someone else can have them. Giving is a very special way to show kindness to one another. I’m a giver myself. Well, to an extent. I give to those in need. I give to those … More Givers and Takers

Fans of The Music

One of the most unfortunate events to happen in 2020 are the cancellation of concerts. Concerts, music festivals, and every other musical shows are what’s missing as part of the entertainment world in 2020. The #1 thing we miss about these shows? The fans. Simple. The freaking crowd at these shows were always electrifying. Going … More Fans of The Music

Soul Writing

Sitting there, thinking what to write, thinking what to say, coming from the heart. So many words to put down that you believe will make a difference in not only your life but someone else’s. You’re writing your words to voice your inner creation, showcasing that you have the gift that no one else sees. … More Soul Writing