Heavy Eyes

My eyes are heavy as I can’t seem to open them on my own command. It’s hard. Only time I could ever do that is when I’m feeling good. I haven’t been feeling that in a long time. Because of that, my eyes are heavy. I feel my eyes are open, but once I look … More Heavy Eyes


Indeed I will rise. Indeed I will fall. Indeed I will prevail. Indeed God will call. Indeed I believe. Indeed I know. Indeed love is above. Indeed hate is below. Indeed I’m sad. Indeed I show grief. Indeed I’m hurt. Indeed the pain is brief. Indeed I’m happy. Indeed I’m excited. Indeed I’m skippy. Indeed … More Indeed

Quick, Sandy!

Sandy is a like a bolt of lightning when it came to speed. She is a fast young lady! She is quick. She has a ton of agility. She’s very energetic! Sandy can move like no other! Sandy loves to go on runs every morning, noon, and night. She doesn’t know the meaning of the … More Quick, Sandy!

Author Arson

Have you ever read a book so good that you just want to burn it afterwards, just do no one else can have it?! I know…..very dumb question. But seriously, we’ve all read a book so good that you were left amazed. There’s just something about authors that can capture your attention word for word. … More Author Arson

Power of The Utensil

A writer’s most powerful tool, a simple utensil. Pencil, pen, you name it. A writer can hold anything, and use it to their advantage. Would a keyboard count as a utensil too? Whether it is or not, that too is a writer’s powerful tool. Jotting down their mind on paper with their weapon of mass … More Power of The Utensil


Quality? or Quantity? Which of these is most important? We always hear quality over quantity. That’s usually the case but I sense a lot of quantity over quality. Quality is usually important as it’s the degree of excellence. You always want to have the best qualities in whatever you do. Great qualities equals great results. … More Q-Tip