It’s 12 o’clock AM. It’s officially midnight. The moon’s at full affect. It’s a whole new day. A whole new morning. It’s midnight. The freak’s are out. Coyotes are on the hunt. Owls are at peace. Everything’s dark, yet soothing. It’s quiet. All you can hear is crickets. There’s not many lights around. There’s a … More Midnight

From Hobby to Career

Writing. Deep thinking and jotting them down. Brainstorming. This is a great hobby that I love, and the goal is to turn it into a career. A self made career. From hobby, to career. I have so much words to say, but can express them much better on paper. I sometimes catch myself speaking jibberish, … More From Hobby to Career


Hey Coronavirus,        How dare you?! What’s your deal? For nothing, you’ve taken the lives of so many innocents. One by one you’ve been damaging countries all over the world. You’ve taken the world by storm, and not in a good way. Just stop! What is your mission? To simply kill? Pure evil. You’ve … More CoronaPunk

Bella’s Dead

Oh my goodness, Bella is dead. My sweet precious Bella is gone. I can’t believe this! Why Bella? Why take that precious angel off this earth? I loved Bella, and she loved me. In fact, Bella loved the world. She was very caring, very sweet. What a woman. She’s gone. I just can’t believe it. … More Bella’s Dead

Support Others!

I am a man who always loves to support anyone who has a passion that they plan to go after, no matter what it is. Anything you put your mind to, I’ll support you 100%. Even if I’m a stranger. I love seeing people go after their dreams. It’s pretty great! You accomplish so much … More Support Others!

Dark Matter

Everything’s dark. Mysterious, empty, soulless. It’s so dark. Pitch black. Nothing’s here. What’s going on? I can’t see or feel anything! Can’t even hear a sound, nor a soul. Is this a representation of what I’m feeling? Am I feeling this empty inside? This dark? Guys, I don’t know. Dark Matter. IG and Twitter: @Token0830