Blue Butterfly

A butterfly with its crystal blue wings. The angel butterfly. This butterfly spreads joy. The spirit of love. Blue Butterfly. 💙🦋 The butterfly that flies through the world and its purpose is to leave a bit of love to all. Blue love. The butterfly will make you feel like you’re in heaven. With its sparkling … More Blue Butterfly

A Burning Love

My love burns for you. Here, take this rose. Yes, it’s on fire. That symbolizes my love for you. A burning love is for the desire. With this love, you’ll be forever drenched in the heat of the moment. The moment you touch this flower, you’re my meteor. You’re my iron. My love for you … More A Burning Love

Driven to Love

Julia Graye was a very famous Hollywood star. An actress, model, entrepreneur. Julia was the real deal. Everyone knew her, everyone loved her. Well, except for one person. That one person was her totally obnoxious boyfriend, Ron Banks. Ron was an actor himself, but his fame mostly came from dating Julia. They’ve been dating for … More Driven to Love

Swamp Away

One fine morning, I was in a swamp. On my kayak, enjoying the sunrise and all. It was so peaceful. It was so beautiful. I rode around the swamp as I gazed at the frogs. They were like little children hoping around on the leaves having a good time. I see a family of ducks. … More Swamp Away

60 Minutes

A lot can happen in 60 minutes….. In 60 minutes, you can find love. In 60 minutes, you can die. In 60 minutes, you can get sick. In 60 minutes, you can cry. In 60 minutes, everything around you can rise. In 60 minutes, everything around you can collapse. Every second counts in 60 minutes! … More 60 Minutes