The Confrontation

After months of silence, after months of anticipation, Jade has made the first move. Athena is now ready. It’s time for the confrontation. Athena, The Beautiful Blue, sat patiently. Waiting for the first move from her arch rival. Athena wasn’t going to do anything herself because she didn’t want to add more fuel to the … More The Confrontation

No Health = No Money

You’re busting butt at your job, trying to improve your work ethic . Showing the managers that you can work. Most of all, you’re earning some sweet dollar. So much dollar to the point where you put yourself to work more days than scheduled. You’re working your butt off and that’s great, but there’s one … More No Health = No Money

State of Emergency

To say we’re in a “state of emergency” is an understatement. Millions are under covid attack, thousands have died from the attack. Maybe more are sadly coming. Who knows when this nightmare will end? We sure don’t. We’re in a state of emergency that doesn’t have an end to it that we know of so … More State of Emergency

Vehicular Meditation

Let me ask you a question: have you ever just got in your car and went for a drive? Just a drive with no destination. A drive so you can relax yourself on the road? Well that’s what I call a Vehicular Meditation. Vehicular Meditation isn’t an exact form of meditating, but it really does … More Vehicular Meditation


Oh Maria, you’re so precious. You’re the absolute beauty. Your hair, your skin, your eyes, your personality. You’re just beautiful Maria! Who could ever replace you? You’re magnificent. Maria, I don’t understand how you’re so independent. Everyone wants you, but you push people away. Why? Maybe it’s because you don’t trust anyone. You feel someone … More Maria

Peace, Love, Positive

Peace Love Positive P.L.P Three symbolisms of a simple life. It’s quite amazing what these three qualities can do for you. Those three words are difference makers. If you’re in a negative state of mind, these three words can change your mind in an instance. It may not be that simple but please, give it … More Peace, Love, Positive

Lake Paradise

There’s nothing more soothing than a simple lake with a sunset view. That’s what I like to call, Lake Paradise. Lake Paradise is where people go to clear their heads, to clear their souls. It’s pretty peaceful. It’s literally a sign of world peace. Even though world peace is something we can’t simply have, Lake … More Lake Paradise