I’m Me

I’m not the smartest man in the world, but I sure am wise. I’m me. I’m not the best looking man in the world, but I am handsome. I’m me. I’m not the flashiest man in the world, but I do have class. I’m me. I’m not the most normal man you’ll ever meet, but … More I’m Me

Own The City

What city are you from? I’m asking because wherever you’re from, own that city. Own your city and have it drenched in your spirit. Have the city hold your dominance for years to come. Own your city. Walk through the city and show off. Not only show off, but back it up. Prove to everyone … More Own The City

Writing Through Chaos

I’m not even going to get into how messed up 2020 has been so far. We all know that already. I’m sure many people have been losing their minds as they’re stuck in quarantine and whatnot. There’s some people who’re STILL in quarantine too! Not only with the whole Covid-19 mess, this year has just … More Writing Through Chaos

Writing is Art

Writing is indeed art. Putting your thoughts on paper, jotting down your inner mind is art. Not even just on paper but on the worldwide web as well. Any kind of writing is a form of art. A person can come up with such fascinating imagery from their brains and that clearly shows throughout history … More Writing is Art

The Spirit of Rachel

Rachel would always walk into a room and spread the love of joy. Everyone loved her. She was everything a person would want to be. She was caring, loving, happy, fair-minded, just a overall free person. Rachel just wanted the world to be a better place. Don’t we all? One thing Rachel always left behind … More The Spirit of Rachel

Are You Ugly?

Are you ugly? No.. Are you a loser? No.. Are you a failure? No.. Are you lame? No.. Are you helpless? No.. Are you down and out? No.. If you ever question yourself like this on the daily, the simple answer is NO! Stop feeling this way about yourself. It’s very unhealthy for you and … More Are You Ugly?