Remember The Art

If you’re an artist, why are you an artist? I ask because there’s many different answers. Plenty of them actually. Now here’s another question: Why do you create your art? Again, they’ll be plenty of different answers. Last question: Would you like your art to be remembered for eternity? Now with that question, everyone should … More Remember The Art

Whiskey Thrill

Let’s grab a drink together! 🥃🥃🥃 Sit down, relax, and prepare for a good time! Pick your choice. What kind of drink do you want? What will satisfy you? There’s plenty to choose from. You can pick a drink that’ll make you dance, or a drink that’ll make you cry. A drink that’ll up you, … More Whiskey Thrill

If I Don’t…..

If I don’t create, I’m broken. If I don’t share, I’m mean. If I don’t move, I’m slow. If I don’t preserve, I’m weak. If I don’t live, I’m already dead. If I don’t love, I’m already dead. ……..wait…….. Why are these thoughts in my head? Why? Stuff like this is what I’m almost constantly … More If I Don’t…..

Time to HeaL

Sometimes, it’s good to just walk away. It’s good to take a step back. No, it’s not defeat. This, is a healing process. It’s time that I must step away for a while…. Now just to be 100% clear, I’m not depressed. I’m not hurt. I’m not sad. None of that. I will say this: … More Time to HeaL

On You

There you are……… That’s right… spotlight. It’s all on you. Where are you going to take yourself from there? I know you’re stuck right now. Here’s a spotlight that’s presented on you and you can’t seem to understand where it came from. Well, the spotlight choose you because it sees your potential. Do you see … More On You