Muri (Part III)

Minutes into his search, Muri hasn’t found Muki Po yet. This path that he’s been on has nothing but trees. Guhan didn’t exactly go into detail on how to find Muki Po. All he said was to go down the path, through the trees. Muri left his mother behind for this. He knows that she’s in disbelief, even more saddened, but he believes this is for a purpose.

On and on Muri goes with his search. Still, all trees. Muri has never been through this path before, even though he’s lived on the village ever since he was born. The trees are beautiful. Muri started to get more and more frustrated. Where is Muki Po?? Does he live in the trees? Is he in a fort? He’s totally lost at this point in his head. No matter what, he wasn’t going to stop his search.

Suddenly, Muri notices a smell rising. It’s a different type of scent. It’s actually not bad. It’s like a smell of flowers mixed with lavender. Muri was taken a back by the scent but snapped out of it quickly to continue his search. Closer and closer he gets, the scent becomes stronger. Muri started to feel a little excited. He believes he’s about to find Muki Po. Suddenly, he stops. Up ahead were more trees. No more path in sight. Muri has hit a dead end. He stands there confused, yet upset. The weird thing is, the scent is still strong.

“Crap. Dead end. Where is this old man??” Muri wonders as he feels he’s lost.

Muri then turns to his left, and he notices something truly amazing. He sees a small tree that’s decked out in purple. A purple tree? Muri slowly walks towards it and the scent gets stronger and stronger. He’s found where the scent was coming from. It was coming from this tree. This purple tree was covered in daisies. These daisies were bright yellow. This tree looked absolutely beautiful. Muri was taken a back by this tree. He couldn’t help but stare. As he looks at the tree, a figure appears right behind him.


Muri turns around slowly.

“Uh, yes?” Muri speaks softly.


“Who are you? How do you know my name??” Muri asks.

“I know your father little man. I knew you were going to look for me sooner than later after his demise. Nice to meet you. I’m Muki Po.”

“Holy crap. It’s you. I’m glad I finally found you Mr. Po.” Muri lets out a sigh of relief.

“Muri, your father had the tools to be a gladiator. I trained him. I taught him real well. I taught him everything. I taught him to be fierce, to be reckless, to not have fear. Most of all, to have honor. It’s a shame what happened to him and his friends.” Muki states.

“Mr. Po, I want to honor my father. Can you teach me to be the best gladiator I can ever be?” Muri couldn’t wait to ask this question. This was what he wanted to say to Muki Po all along.

“Yes, young soul. Also. There’s one thing you really need to know.”

Muri: “Yes sir?”

Muki Po: ” I know the men who killed your father. It’s time for revenge.”

Muri stands there stunned. Total silence for a minute.

Muki Po: “You’re ready?”

Muri wipes away a tear.

Muri: “Let’s do it.”

Muki Po: “Follow me son. Follow me to guidance.”

So this, is where the journey begins. Muki Po leads Muri to his hidden campsite. Muki Po’s camp is not your usual camp. It’s more of a dojo. Tents for shelter, field for training. Turns out, Muki is a professional trainer for gladiators. Some of the best gladiators all over the world were trained at one point by Muki Po. Muri was totally amazed at what he saw. Upon entering the camp, Muri immediately notices Muki’s students training. Muri, this little kid, is astonished by the students of Muki Po. Muri instantly knew, that this was where he wanted to be. He knew, that he will be one of the great gladiators under the guidance of Muki. Muki trains his students to be the best they can be, but with Muri, he knew he had to train him differently. Muki will train Muri the style of retribution, relentlessness, brutality.

Muki Po: “Muri, this is where you’ll learn. You must learn defense. You must learn combat. You must learn skill. You must learn strength. You must learn honor. Are you prepared my son?”

Muri: “I’m prepared for it all sir. I’m mostly prepared for vengeance.”

Muki Po: “Believe me son, I know.”

Muri was hungry. Muri was ready. Muki took Muri to his own personal tent that he allowed Muri to sleep in. Once sunrise hit the following morning, training began.