Muri (Part II)

Days removed from his father’s burial, Muri now has a new mindset. No longer does he grieve, but now wants vengeance and blood. Everyday, he’s in the village practicing what little his father taught him about combating. His father wanted to be a gladiator, now Muri wants to be a gladiator. He wants to live his father’s dream. He wants to be a hero.

Muri knew that if he wants to fully become a gladiator, he’s going to need more training. He’ll need to be trained by an expert. But who? Who exactly can train him to be a gladiator on that village? That’s a tough question for Muri. Muri begins searching, constantly asking anyone he can about who can train him to become a gladiator. As expected, no one knows. Muri felt helpless for a minute. Suddenly, he had an idea. Maybe at least one person who will know for sure. Muri went up to ask a older man, named Guhan, if he had any idea who can train him to become a gladiator. Guhan does.

“Yes little man, I have a friend. Name’s Muki Po. He lives outside of the village. Just cut through that path by the trees and it’s a straight shot.”

“Thank so Mr. Guhan.” Muri said as he bowed to him.

“Let me ask you one serious question. It’s important. Give me one answer. Guhan states. “Are you serious about becoming a gladiator?”

Muri didn’t hesitate to answer. “Yes.”

Guhan was impressed. “Go on son, Muki will turn you into a king. For your father.”

Muri went straight to his mother. She’s still grieving, looking at photos she set up on the dining table of her husband and the family.

Muri: “Mother. Please stop crying. I’ve got something I need to tell you right now. I’m going to be a gladiator. Father wanted to do so, but I’ll live out his dream. I’ll become a gladiator, for father.”

His mother suddenly indeed stopped crying, but her sorrow turned into anger. Her tears had dried, now she’s upset.

Mother: “Muri?!?!? Are you insane?! Your father would NOT want this! You’re a little boy. You’re MY little boy! Your father’s gone, but I will not lose my son. NEVER! You’re not going to be a gladiator Muri.”

Muri: “Why not mother?? I want to defend honor. The village’s honor, father’s honor and most of all, your honor. Please mother, let me do this.”

Mother: “No.”

“Well mother, it’s not up to you. Muki Po will prepare me. I must go.

Muri then burst through the village through the path that Guhan told him about earlier, like a bolt of lightning. Muri’s mother steps out in the front of their hut and screams at him, demanding him to come back.


By this point, Muri was gone. He was well through the path. Muri was on a mission, one that his mother wouldn’t understand. Muri must now find Muki Po.