Muri: The Glad Hero

Muri was born in a small village off the Akira Island, located right off Japan. His mother and father both knew, they birthed a very special boy. He was a playful child. He had plenty of friends in his village and they would spend hours upon hours just playing outside, enjoying themselves. Muri had a normal childhood. His mother stayed in the village to raise him while his father hunted for food along with his friends. His father had one big dream, and that was to become a gladiator. His father loved combat. That was why he loved hunting so much, because it was a form of combat to him. At times, his father would try to teach Muri how to battle. Muri wasn’t interested of course because as a child all he wanted to do was play. His father not only wanted Muri to learn self defense, but maybe one day follow in his footsteps and become a gladiator himself.

Things took a turn for the worst on one unforgettable night. Everyone in the village was out, having a fun night. A bonfire was built in the middle of the village and everyone started singing and dancing. The kids dancing and playing, the parents dancing and rejoicing. Muri was with his friends while his mother was nearby with the other parents having a good time. Muri’s father was out hunting again. An hour goes by, and suddenly everyone in the village hears a cry for help.


Out from the dark comes this 6 year old boy. By the sound of his screams, everyone knew something was terribly wrong. People rush over to the boy to comfort him, then asks what the problem was.

“I saw…..I saw……saw something really, really bad. Something ugly.”

“What did you see?” Muri asked.

“……Follow me please.”

The boy then leads everyone down a dark path towards the ocean. By the time they got to the ocean, the people were not expecting to witness the scene they’re walking into.

“Here. Look.” The boy said in sorrow.

Everyone from the village, now stunned. The boy begins to cry. What everyone is looking at is the scene of total carnage. Muri’s father, along with 4 other friends, were brutally murdered. They’ve all been sliced open. Judging by the wounds, they’ve been sliced open by swords. It was a total tragedy. Everyone’s still stunned, not saying a word. Muri, hesitant at first but managed, stepped forward and slowly started walking to his father’s corpse. All 5 men were covered in blood with their stomachs split wide open. This have never happened in the village before. As Muri reached his father, he kneeled down next to him. He still never said a word. He stared at his father’s face. He never managed to look at his body, only his face. His mother slowly comes up from behind, tears running down her face.

“Muri.” She said.

She reaches to touch him on his shoulder, and as soon as she does, Muri bursts into tears. He screams in total pain. The reality of his father being brutally murdered has reached him. All he could do was shout:

“DADDY!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! DADDY!!!!!!!”

Next morning, the whole village is in mourning. Handmade graves were digged for Muri’s father and his 4 friends. Muri and his mother comforted each other, both sobbing. Everyone in the village gathered around the graves and said a prayer. No funeral was held. As Muri’s mother continued to sob, Muri lightened up a little bit. His head rises and he looks at everyone in the village. So many people were sobbing, Muri couldn’t take it anymore. The more he looked at his sorrow peers, he knew something had to be done. His father was literally gutted. He will not ever let that go now. Muri took one more look at his father in his grave, and once he realizes that his father didn’t die a peaceful death, one thing was on his mind, and that’s vengeance. Muri then looked at his mother:

“Mom…..” Muri says with a stern face. She looks down at him, wiping up tears. “Yes Muri?” She said.

“I’m going to learn how to be a gladiator. For Dad.”

“Make him proud.” Muri’s mother states. She’s against Muri performing any kind of combat, but in this case she knows Muri wants to make him proud.

What Muri did not tell his mother, was that he was going to find out who killed his father and give them the same hell they’ve given his father. Muri at this point, was out for blood.