Where’s The Owl??

One day, I was strolling through a park. 7 in the morning, sunrise, nice breeze, coffee in hand. Totally in my zen. Suddenly, I’ve noticed this owl. Normally I don’t make eye contact with owls because their eyes absolutely terrifies me. This owl in particular, was beautiful. All white fur with dark spots and golden eyes. This owl looked like it came from another universe. I couldn’t help but be gazed by its appearance. I go on to continue my walk yet I couldn’t get the image of the owl out of my head. Next thing I know, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around. Nothing. No one’s behind me. What in the world?

As I stood there confused, the beautiful owl suddenly appears and lands on my shoulder! On the outside, I looked terrified. On the inside, I was happy as hell. The owl turns its head and we have a stare down. In the middle of the park. Me and this owl. I wasn’t for sure what the owl was going to do. Even though the owl looked beautiful, what if it was evil? What if the owl wanted to peck me? Oh trust me, the owl wouldn’t want none of this.

No I’m just kidding, I would surrender to the owl.

After minutes of the stare down, the owl turns its head back forward and just looked into the distance. Not moving. Nothing at all. So, I decided to continue walking. The owl never moved once. Basically, the owl became my friend? I kept walking, the owl kept calm. At that point I was like okay, we’re buds now. As I kept walking, this time towards a nearby lake, I’ve noticed something strange starting to happen to the lake. The owl remained still. I began to worry. The water was once crystal blue. As I got closer to see what was happening, the lake suddenly became gold! A golden lake! Wow! I stood there with my mouth wide open in awe. I couldn’t believe it! The owl then turns its head and pecks me on my head, just to get my attention. I turn to the owl, it winks at me. Oh wow, this owl must’ve did this. I literally asked, “You did this?!” The owl looks at the water then back at me and winks again. That meant yes I suppose! I turn around and I kid you not, the whole damn park was golden as well! What has this owl done?! I walked to the middle of the park and stood there. I’m now standing in the middle of an golden atmosphere!! This owl, definitely has powers. This owl came with me on my stroll for a reason. I turned to the owl and said, “You’ve create magic my friend….” The owl, simply winks. That right there is a special friend. Right after that wink, the owl flies away. Right off my shoulder went the owl. I didn’t know what to say, so I waved it goodbye. Not too long after the owl left, the golden atmosphere faded away and the park was back to normal. That owl literally created magic right in front of me.

Weeks have gone by now and for some reason, the owl never returned. Every morning I would hope to see it again but never did. Suddenly I had a friend, suddenly I do not.

Who was that owl? Where is that owl?