Dead on Communication.

You guys know, that there’s a way to kill someone without having to physically do so? That’s called a verbal takedown. That’s what I call dead on communication. No, I don’t mean you talk someone into doing something harmful. I mean you say words to them that’ll make them rethink their ways. Verbally put people in their place. People who try to put you down, you do it to them through powerful words. Trust me, that’ll make ’em quit. Words can hurt, especially coming from a person with a powerful mind. A person who can diss others through high vocabulary. Oh man, that can really hurt.

There’s a lot of people who just won’t simply understand that. Who don’t know that. Your can are more dangerous than fists. You’ll have people who would only solve problems through violence but guess what, violence won’t solve anything. Nothing good can come from violence. Violence will result in NO solution! A one on one conversation can. Hell a debate can sometimes. Point is, words can hurt. Words can make people think about their ways. Anyone that tries to come after you, put them down with words that’ll make them crumble. Nothing too mean, but enough to shut them up. They’ll be dead on communication. Actually, dead mid communication.

You have powerful words. Use them for good against anyone who tries to bring you down.

Kill them with vocabulary.