Red mAn

This is a story about Red.

Red, what a f***ing man. He’s strong. He’s confident. He’s a beast. He’s got a heart of a warrior. What a man.

You might think red is the color of evil, but in this case it’s a color of a hero. A color of blood inside of a man whose been through hell but won’t ever quit. He’d rather die than quit. He won’t die either.

Total badass. Won’t back down from a fight. Very inspirational. His blood boils when an enemy crosses him. He takes down that enemy without any hesitation. He stomps on their attempt to take him over. He won’t ever be hurt. He won’t ever be fazed by his enemies. Red always stands tall. What a badass.

He’s conquered his demons and took them to back to hell. Hell where he’ll never belong to. He’s conquered the diseases that could’ve took him away for good. He’s conquered near death. No fatality in his eyes, only the fatality of his foes.

Red, continue fighting. Continue inspiring.


A Warrior.

A Fighter.

A Survivor.

A Man.