I Must Escape.

I can work 9 – 5 oh yes I can. I can work. I can help. I can cooperate.

When the disrespect kicks it, now that’s a different story. At least that’s what I feel. I sense it. I taste it. That’s a very bad taste to put in anyone’s mouth. Disrespect. Why must it happen at a workplace? Why do people treat others like crap all because of their entitlement? Worst of all, they hide it behind a smile. Smile. Man, I can see through that fake sh*t. Don’t smile at me. Don’t give me sorrow either. It’s better to just leave me alone, but I know that’s not an option in your case.

What’s an option in my case, is to escape and brand. I must escape. I must brand. I can do it but I need to remind myself that I need to start. Start whenever I can. Time’s ticking, never reversing.

This is just not it anymore. I can’t smile legitimately. I don’t do fake smiles. I don’t do fake sorrows. I don’t put others down. I don’t disrespect others. I especially don’t do that.

“Do better.”

I tell myself that every single day.

Start breaking out.

Start branding myself.

Start working on moving forward.

Start…….doing f**king better man.

Y’all do understand, I have SO many visions in my head. I only share snippets of them with you guys. I love it. It makes me happy.

Hell, I’m smiling right now just by writing this.

I get excited real easily when I put my visions to paper. My only main problem is getting them out there. Out there in the world. I know it takes time and I’m okay with that.

Like I said: time’s ticking, not reversing.

What’s stopping me?

Opinions? No. Me? Yes.

That must end.