One CaLL

*phone rings*

Jenn: Hello?

Operator: hello.

Jenn: Um? Hello?

Operator: hello jenn.

Jenn: Who is this? How do you know my name?

Operator: hello jenn. how are you?

Jenn: I’ll ask again, who is this?

Operator: jenn, don’t worry. i don’t bite. What are you wearing?

Jenn: Okay, I’m about to hang up. Don’t call this number ever again.

Operator: don’t hang up. it’ll be the biggest mistake of your life.

Jenn: Uh……okay. WHO are YOU?! WHAT do you WANT?!

Operator: let’s just say….i’m a friend. we’re friends jenn. how was your day? tell me.

Jenn: Well….okay. My day was fine. How was your day?

Operator: see, we’re having a conversation already. keep it going. my day was fine. are you single jenn?

Jenn: No I’m married. If you don’t tell me who you are then my husband will find out and will for sure come looking for you…..

Operator: stop bulls****ing jenn. you’re single. don’t fool me. big mistake.

Jenn: Okay fine I’m single. Please answer my damn question: Who are you and what do you want?!

Operator: is that one question or two?

Jenn: ……It’s a damn question.

Operator: ok i’ll answer it. i’m your friend. that’s all. what do i want? i want you to be my friend. okay?

Jenn: Not okay you freak. You’re a total stranger who’s bothering me for no good reason whatsoever. Total harrassment. Why am I even still talking to you. I’m hanging up. Bye.

*hangs up the phone*

*phone rings again*

This time, Jenn doesn’t answer. She’s totally confused as to why anyone would want to harass her. Confused, yet scared. Why shouldn’t she be? After the phone stops ringing, she immediately picks up to make an emergency call to 911. Line’s ringing but as soon as the 911 operator could speak, the call drops. Total silence. Jenn’s now 100% spooked. She’s totally worried. Someone’s out there to get her. She has no enemies but yet, she’s in trouble. She drops the phone on the floor and is now panicking. She doesn’t know what to do.

“Why? WHY?! WHO?!” Jenn screams as she’s in total panic mode.

Suddenly, the phone rings again. Phone’s cracked from the impact of Jenn dropping it. She stares at it in complete horror. She doesn’t know what to do. Answer it or what? Phone continues to ring as Jenn slowly walks towards it and picks it up. She hesitates at first, but then finally answers as if it was against her will.

Jenn: Hh……..Hello?

Operator: what did i tell you jenn?


Operator: i told you not to hang up on me. big mistake. Now there’s one thing you’ve got to do whether you like it or not.

Jenn: Wh…….what?

Operator: open your door.

Jenn: NO! I’M CALLING 911!

Operator: you’ve already tried. remember? go ahead, try again.

Jenn hangs up the phone and tries desperately to call 911 again. This time, the call didn’t go through at all. She screams in anger yet terror as she has no help whatsoever.

*phone rings again*

Jenn: WHAT?!

Operator: answer the door. now.

Jenn:……….okay. Sure…..

Before doing so, Jenn grabs a knife from her kitchen. She heads towards the door slowly. She wipes her tears away as she’s trying to prepare for what happens the moment she opens the door. Close to the door now, she puts her hands on the knob. Just right before she could turn the knob, her phone rings again. Jenn runs to her phone and answers it.

Jenn: Yes??

Operator: before you open the door, i just want to say one thing: we’re friends forever. now come open the door.

Jenn slams her phone on the ground and rushes to the door. Knife in hand, she’s ready. Jenn finally opens the door and what she sees is shocking.

Nobody. Nobody’s there.

Jenn’s now confused. She’s in total shock yet totally confused as to where this stranger had went. Who was this stranger? A stranger that was supposedly her “friend”? Jenn kept the knife in her hand as she slowly starts backing up into her home. Step by step, she backs up and once she got inside, slams the door shut. She felt totally relieved. Well, that was for a moment.

This time, she receives a notification on her phone. Jenn couldn’t believe it. She picks up her phone and it was totally smashed. Somehow, she noticed it was a text message she had received.

The message clearly states: “boo…..”

A knife appears around Jenn’s neck and her throat was sliced. Jenn falls to the ground, bleedy and gasping for air. Clutching her throat, she’s very well dying. She falls to the floor and looks up as she’s losing her life. The last thing she saw, was a dark figure. Right before slipping away. She couldn’t catch a glimpse of her killer. This dark figured man turned out to be “her friend”.

Her “friend” wanted her dead.

Jenn’s life suddenly came to an end….

…….after one call.