Age of Enemy

Age can be a b***h huh?

When you think about age, you think about the opportunities you can have or, the opportunities you’ve missed. Total FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) can be a haunting feeling the older you get.

We can’t help but think about the opportunities we’ve missed in our lives once we reach a certain age.

“I wish I could’ve done this.” I wish I could’ve done that.”

It sucks. Trust me it does. Thing is, you can only go from there. Yeah, you didn’t get to do what you wanted to do 5 years ago. Don’t let that stop you from doing so now. Thinking about those kind of things can indeed turn yourself into your own worst enemy.


When it comes to life opportunities, age ain’t nothing but a number. You see an opportunity, take that sh*t. Don’t wait any longer ever again.

I tell myself this daily, now I’m telling you.

Take yourself to a higher level. No matter how old you are.

You can do it. ⭐