I Want to Dye

Life is black right now. Things aren’t going well. I’m hanging in there but man, it’s rough. Black can be sorrow for your mind. I want change. I need change. I want to change to the color blue. I need to change to the color blue.

Be blue. Be free.

Let me tell you something,

It’s one thing when you have someone as an enemy, but when YOU are your OWN worst enemy, that hits completely different. You just feel so powerless sometimes when your own mind switches up on you almost 24/7. First you think about positivity, then you think about negativity. First you have a plan, then you don’t have a plan. First you want to make a move, then you don’t want to make a move. First you want to get up, then you don’t want to get up. I can go on and no. Moral of this statement is, I want to dye. Yes, dye. Dye my life the color blue. That way, I’ll be more free. I’ll be more spiritual. I’ll be more happy. Blue makes me see things clearly. Blue will make me see life clearly.

I’ve got to get out of this smog. The faded black. It’s haunting my every move. My every “attempted” move. I want the color blue to wash it away. A total makeover. A total makeover for my mind, body, and soul. If you look inside of me now, you’ll see nothing. Black. That has to change. Now. ASAP! God, please help. Oh God, you know I want that change. The crystal blue sea to take over me. What’s interesting is that I know it’ll happen. I can sure feel it. It’s just a matter of when. When? When. When will the change occur? When will the tables turn? When exactly, will I dye?