Writing Unanswered

You want to know something? Back in the days of elementary through high school, I would always hear: “Wow! Shane this is really nice work!” I would feel very accomplished for that. My teachers were always impressed with how much writing I do. More than most of the students in my class. But of course, there was one tiny problem. Despite writing so much, my work was “wasn’t the right answer”. Huh. Go figure. Whenever I was told that, the compliments the teachers gave me went right out the window. That was one of my biggest problems when it came to school. I would write so much maybe thinking that could impress the teachers enough. Yeah it did, but what I was really doing was writing without an answer.

Writing without an answer. I couldn’t help that. I started second guessing myself for sure.

“Why am I not coming up with the answers?” I would often ask myself. Hell, I ask myself that daily when it comes to other things but that’s not the point here.

I also started thinking that maybe my writing was too unique for school. I write what I feel. Teachers don’t want that. I write what’s on my mind. Nope, they don’t want that. The answers? That was a struggle for me. I couldn’t find those damn answers. Eventually I did, but it took a minute. All I was doing was writing from my point of view. That’s not what they were looking for. I don’t know, maybe I was in the wrong. I couldn’t help it. My mind is a different type of key. Just that, different. Not the same as others. That’s one question that I can certainly answer.

Am I different? Point blank, yes.

That’s fine. I’ll keep on writing…