She’s Missing…

You wake up and live your life each and every day. You’re working, making a difference, etc. You also do things for yourself occasionally. Enjoy some drinks, eat some good food, watch television, go out and have a good time, etc. Things like that are good! Always good to treat yourself. Notice the key word that’s been used: “Good”. Living life for yourself is always good, but not 100% great.

Why? There’s one special person missing.

“She”. She’s missing.

A warm body. A warm body next to you. Her beautiful body next to your body.

I’m not going to lie, without her, life can be a little difficult at times. You want to do activities but with that special someone. She’s missing. You would want her there with you. Someone who you can have fun with and make love with as well. She’s missing.

I know she’s out there, but where? That’s a question only for me to answer. Normally I would wait for her, but how much longer do I have to wait for?

Years? Eternity?

It’s frustrating, but once I do find her, it’ll be all worth it. That for sure is something I will hold on to.