Mind Shield

I put on a hat to shield my brain from negative infections. Shield my brain from filth, from unawareness, from nothingness. I need to think. I need to brainstorm. It’s a must. My thoughts are my coaches. My thoughts guide me to wherever I need to go. I depend on them to be sane. I depend on them to move forward.

I can sit and think about my next move. That’s if I can do so on a drop of a dime. My mind has to be shielded in order to not be distracted. Without a hat, my mind’s naked. The air taking my thoughts away from me.

Ugh. Just doesn’t feel right.

You know, our minds need to be protected at all costs. Put on your thinking caps (literally) and keep them on until you feel it’s right to remove them. Only remove them when you believe it’s the right time to do so. Once your mind is fully protected, you’ll be right on track to guide yourself to be the best. Only you can do that for yourself. Protect your mind. Put yourself under mind control.