The Creators

So many people in this world that can create absolutely anything is really magical. The hidden gifts that we all don’t know that we have. We all are creators. We’re technicians. You just don’t know it yet. “Yet”.

What can you create? Think about it.

Once you’ve done that, get to creating. Start now. The second you do that, you’re a creator my friend. You’re special. We’re all creative in one way or another. I’m a creator in writing. How about you?

It’s what you can really put your mind to. It’s literally anything. Food, tools, machines, paintings, drawings, writing, etc. Anything. We’re all creators in one way or another. The world is full of us. Every single day, we’re creating. We’re creating not only for our communities to see, but for people all over the world. I mean, you would want your work to be out there right? That’s the goal for creating. Worldwide view of your work.

Worldwide feedback too. Imagine what your work can do for one single person. All it takes is just one person to like your creation and that alone would motivate you to continue your creativity. Whenever people like my writing, that keeps me going. One compliment and boom, motivation! I want my creation to make a difference somehow. I hope you have that same goal. Trust me, it’s a goal worth having. Keep thriving. Keep creating.

Your creation =