Normally Unique

Be honest: Are you normal?

Are you unique?

Do you believe you’re just as stand up as the next person, or are you your own person? It’s okay to be honest. Seriously.

Here I’ll be honest: I’m NOT your normal average guy. Thing is, I’m fine with that. I used to care, but what good does that do for me? Why would I want to be EXACTLY like the person next to me? I LOVE being unique. I LOVE being me. If I was 100% normal like many others, I don’t think I would have the creative mind that I’ve got. I just wouldn’t. I wouldn’t see things differently than others.

Being unique is actually pretty damn cool. You’re yourself. You’re independent. You don’t rely on others too much. You do things YOUR way! Sure, people will look at you differently. So? Look at them. They’re not you. You’re you. If you’re unique, embrace that s**t to the fullest. God will send you on a path that’s destined to me you rise above the normies.

So are you:

Normal or Unique?

Be honest here….