The Whistler


Do you here that? That actually sounds amazing. Sounds soothing. That whistle is such a tune. Who’s doing it?

*whistling continues*

Wow that sounds amazing! I can actually dance to this! The rhythm of the whistle is really amazing. It has flow, it has style, it has a presence about it. The only question is, “who” is doing that?

The whistling kept on going forever. I swear I’m not hearing anything crazy. That whistle is coming from somewhere, from someone. It’s not a scary sounds too, it’s actually perfect. Wait a minute, that could be scary. I don’t know who’s doing it. That’s a problem……..

*whistling gets closer and closer*

Oh man……..

What’s going on? Where are you mystery person? Are you a musician??? A serial killer???? Who are you?!?! WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH AN AMAZING TUNE WITH YOUR WHISTLE?!?!?!?!?!?

Suddenly, there’s silence………

Absolutely no sound whatsoever. No more whistling. I’m confused now. Maybe I should ask the unknown person to whistle again right??


Before I could say anything, the whistling appears again. Closer.

“Um, hello?” I ask.

*whistling gets closer*

“Hello….” BAM!!!!

Total silence. No sound whatsoever.

*whistling appears again. This time, it drifts away*

Whoever this person was, this person loved to whistle and make people disappear.

Absolutely unknown.

The Whistler.