Seagulls in the Dark

There are seagulls in the dark. Why? What’s the deal? Are they here for home? I’ve never seen anything like this.

Not long would I find out that the seagulls are here for a particular reason. They’re here for a message. They’re not average seagulls, they’re messagers. They have something to say, but what? Anytime they see humans in the dark, they’re trying to warn them. Something’s lurking. They know. We don’t.

The seagulls would nest in particular areas. Mainly, in the darkest corners. Their eyes are blood red, not because they’re killers but they’ve seen enough damage. Damage to those who’ve chose to walk through the dark. If only they could speak, they would tell you everything you need to know. Someone’s out for the hunt…..

Anyone who walks by the seagulls, they would stare. A stare that would pierce your soul. It’s quite intimidating, but they’re really worried about what’s going to happen next. They’ve seen enough already but, it’s never ending in the dark. Within seconds, the sounds of terror emerges. Screaming among screaming, thud among thud, it’s true horror all over again. The seagulls know. After the horror ends, they fly away. Total distraught. It’s literally another night for them. Absolutely no one knows who’s lurking but the seagulls. It’s truly a nightmare. There’s a monster on the loose and no one can figure out who it is. Only seagulls know, but can’t tell. Their appearance alone is a sign to stay away from the dark. They can’t save you, but they’re trying to warn you.