It’s a Wednesday morning and I’m going on a stroll. Sun’s out and I’m smiling. I’m happy. It’s summer and it’s no bummer. Life’s been rocky, but stable. Suddenly, I hear an echo. From where I ask myself? No one else was around me. It’s not dark outside so there’s no ghost? Actually, that doesn’t matter at all. Anyways, I hear this echo. After standing still for a bit, I continued my stroll. That small echo won’t stop me from moving!

As I continue walking, I hear that same echo again. Now things are a little suspicious. What the hell is that? Where is it coming from? Worst of all, it’s not even a word that’s being said. It’s just a sound. Kind of like a musical note or something. I’ve then realized I got a pair of earbuds in my pocket. Why it took me that long to realize that I have no idea. I put the earbuds in and decided to listen to music. Screw that echo. By the way, music can make almost anything better. As I continue my stroll and listen to music, yes you’ve guessed it, I hear that same echo YET AGAIN! What?! How?!

Now I stop in my tracks and and slowly turn around like a penguin. There’s absolutely no one around, yet that echo is there. I yell, “Hello?!”. Nothing. No one is near. Maybe I’m enjoying my stroll a little too much? Maybe someone’s out there to mess with my mood? What in the world is going on here? The echo rises again and now I’m not moving. I’m looking for something here. Where are you echo? Now there’s a wind…..and it’s getting pretty chilly fast. I’m still not moving. I’m intrigued. I’m patient. Suddenly, a note lands in front of me. Simply states, “For you……..”.

“This echo is a blush of positivity. It felt that as it felt your movement. You have undeniable spirit. Your smile, your attitude, your perseverance. The echo embraces you. The echo thanks you.

I didn’t know what to think. I was very appreciative that’s for sure. As some sort of appreciation, I bowed. The echo accepts that right? I put my earbuds back in my ears and continued my stroll. I was totally flabbergasted, but overall very happy. The echo appreciates me, I appreciate the echo.