So they say life’s what you make it, but then you suffer from the consequences when trying to do just that. Huh…..


What’s the point then? I want to know. Why live, just to be grounded??? I mean really, I’m not going to live by other people’s rules. I’m going to live by mines. I’m going to move like a wolf. By my own set of rules. By my own standards. By my own views on life. Might as well do it alone…

Yes I will walk alone. To get the life that I want.

What sickens me is that people will always try to tell you how to live your life. I have a dream. They don’t. They won’t ever understand. Live normally? I am. MY normal. Not theirs. They won’t get it. I won’t ever expect them to. I move in silence. That speaks more than just simply telling others my plan. You tell them your plan and they’ll just give you the People’s Eyebrow (The Rock reference). I won’t ever speak of my plans. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Been through so much. My plan will release the weight off my shoulders. Just wait and see.

Working on my life is actually one big hidden project. Sure, I could keep you updated on the progress. What’s the fun in that though? I’m more excited about the outcome that I’ll show you. Keeping the progress sailing. Don’t need to peep a word to anyone. That’ll ruin it. That’ll spoil it. That’ll f**k it up. No need for that. Enough stress is upon me. No need for more. I’m working. I’m moving. I’m sailing to the next sea. You’ll believe me when you see it. The life I want is the life I’ll get. I WON’T stop until I’m there. Trust me. Believe me.

I am me. I work for me. I believe in me.