Showmanship for Companion


You have a companion right? You love your companion right?

Take your companion to a show. It can be any show. It can be a show for the ages. Your companion deserves it. What I mean by that is, your companion deserves a special treat to celebrate your love for them. If you have a companion, how long have you two been together? How long have you two been through hell and back? Side by side throughout the devil’s work on this earth? Think about that for a second. Now you know what I mean? Your companion has been with you forever. Give them a very special treat. Simply turn to your companion and say “I love you. Thank you.”

They love you just as much, if not more. They’d do anything for you, so return the favor. Give them a show that they deserve. Do it for them, do it for you as well. Take your companion on a trip to paradise. You have two tickets right?

Love is undeniable. Show your companion the love you have deep inside for them. Take them to a show of a lifetime!

She deserves it.

He deserves it.

Companionship must be celebrated.