Adrian Jon

She was beautiful.

She was smart.

She was a successful businesswoman.

She was the one and only, Adrian Jon.

Adrian Jon grew up in West Virginia where she really had nothing in her childhood. Her parents were both struggling financially and they had problems where they had to move to crappy environments from time to time. One thing about Adrian that she’s always been since childhood, she was always ambitious. Adrian witness the struggles and was determined since then that she wasn’t going to watch her parents struggle any longer. She for damn sure wasn’t going to struggle for the rest of her life. Adrian began doing whatever she could to make money. At just the age of 7, Adrian started her own lemonade stand that she built with wood she found throughout her neighborhood. She then started switching up the stand by turning it into a cotton candy stand, fruit stand, vegetable stand, and so on. She was really good at this too. People from the neighborhood would stop by to purchase items. Adrian’s parents couldn’t believe what their little girl was doing. They were amazed, and was extremely proud of their daughter. As the years go on, Adrian would start helping out at local stores around her area. Convenient stores, churches, anywhere. She was extremely ambitious. She was extremely determined. She wasn’t going to stop pushing forward. She was making a change for not only herself, but her parents.

As Adrian arrived in high school, she immediately joined after school programs including the ones that deals with business management. She absolutely loved the programs and couldn’t wait to show her parents what she had learned. From that point on, Adrian knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She wanted to be a part of history. She wanted to be a leader. She wanted to help others, especially women, open up their own business. Adrian Jon would go on to become one of powerful businesswoman in modern history. After successfully finishing college, Adrian didn’t waste any time opening up her first business. She opened up a cafe and to no one’s surprise the cafe was going well. Next, she opened up her first restaurant. That too did well. Then, she opened up her biggest business yet, a luxury hotel! Adrian was earning a nice income from all three businesses. Absolutely no one was stopping Adrian!!

Adrian quickly became a name. People all over the country began to know who this woman was. People were impressed by her drive, her passion for business, her ambitions. She was unstoppable. A lot of people started to admire her incredible work ethic. What made Adrian so proud of herself was that not only was she making her parents proud, but little girls too who look up to her. Adrian was extremely grateful for the life she’s been blessed with. Everything she had in her life, she worked for. Everything she worked for, was for her parents. Adrian never forgot where she got her motivation from, and that’s from her beloved mother and father. Adrian Jon was a great role model for all women who wanted to be a leader. She was a leader in the world of business. She was a leader to all. She was the #1 mentor. She was herself, and nobody else. Adrian’s main message to the world was simply this:

“If you want something in this world, take it. Reach for it and grab it. Be a leader, not a follower. Work harder than your surroundings and watch God create your magic with you.”

Adrian Jon lives on.