Errors Can Go


Am I the only person who absolutely HATES grammar errors while writing??? Seriously, I can write or type a word then the exact moment I misspell it, I groan. I can write or type a full sentence then the exact moment I finish the sentence with the wrong punctuation, I groan even more.

Hitting the wrong letter while typing? Groan.

Having to erase or scribble anything out while writing? Groan.

I’m not perfect by any means and certainly not a professional writer, but I can’t stand it. One day I will reach that status of being a professional writer, but until then I must admit that I have to learn that errors are part of reaching that professional status. I will always mess up and that’s okay. I learn from them. Can’t stand them though.

Are you the same way? I actually hope not if you get upset at errors just like me. I’m writing this as I’m committing grammar errors left and right. Having to keep going back and forth to fix such errors are so damn annoying but hey, that’s part of the work. I know and understand that totally well. Errors can go “f-i”. Y’all can take a guess to figure out what that means.