The Bowl

I hit the bowl, I see space.

I hit the bowl, I see another life.

I hit the bowl, I’m out.

The bowl can be AMAZING! You’ll feel like you’re on a whole new planet. A whole new universe. It’s great……hahaha.

I mean, c’mon. You wouldn’t want to feel that? You wouldn’t want to experience that? I’m telling you, you’ll love it. Why? Well, it’s like you’re reading a book and whatever story you’re reading, you can literally see it in person. Yes, you could. If you’re someone like me who has a creative mind and epic imaginations, you’ll definitely see it. OH MAN IT’S GREAT! Don’t ever knock it until you try it. Once you hit the bowl, kick back and relax as you will experience a ride you won’t forget. A ride to the great world of YOUR imaginations!