Linette The Brunette

Linette was a beautiful woman whose lucious brunette hair turned many heads. She had men gasping for air as they couldn’t contain themselves whenever she walked by. She knew she was special. She knew what she got. She, however, didn’t know what was hidden inside of her.

Linette had a personal demon inside.

She knows she’s trouble, and she knows how to get away with any wrongdoing.

Linette would often use her image to lie, cheat, steal, etc. Any wrongdoing, you name it. She’ll commit it. Total snake. Total beauty. Dangerous combination. Linette once used a guy for money. Once she got her money out of this guy, he disappeared. He was never heard from again. She would go in to do this a few more times. Whenever she was unsuccessful in securing someone’s money, she would immediately make sure that person is gone forever. Murder? Maybe. She doesn’t “kiss” and tell.

Linette would only wear sundresses to maintain a cute image. That’s also how she fools people. People would always go up to her and compliment her beauty. She would dub a fake smile and say, “Thanks! I love looking fabulous for you!” That always make people happy. They believe she’s really innocent. She’s really not…..

She’s cruel, yet beautiful. She’s intense, yet subtle. She’s smooth, yet dangerous.

She’s Linette, The Brunette…

Watch out for her.