Twenty-Four Seven Stampede

Life is a 24/7 collision. There’s a lot of times where you will walk, then there’s a lot of times where you will fall. Then, there are times where you will get trampled on. Each result is the same, and that is you keep pushing forward. See what I mean? Nothing stops in life. Same cycle over and over again. Total stampede.

How do you deal with it? You preserve or complain? Hopefully not both. You can complain but, that’s not going to solve anything. You move on like a soldier. I know you’re a soldier. You know what, you can stomp heads along the way as well.

“Figuratively” of course.

Stomp the heads of the obstacles in front of you. Trample the haters, the doubters. Give them the stampede they’ve been giving to you. Just know, that it’s never ending.

I refer to life as a 24/7 Stampede for a reason people.

It’s never ending.

Keep pushing forward soldier. I salute you.