Golden Black

Everything’s black.

Literally everything.

Can’t see a damn thing.


No light. No sunshine. Even no noise.

All black.

But then………..

I heard something………

Then there was silence again.

What was that noise?

Suddenly, I heard it again. This time, I see a light.

It wasn’t a typical light, it was a golden light.

A golden light? Yes….

The light grew more and more wider.

There’s literally nothing else around me. All I can see is this golden light.

Something started rising from the light. I see a rope.

The rope is now in front of my face. I start to climb it without any hesitation.

The more I climb, the more I grew tired. But, I was determined to get out of the dark. I kept climbing.

The light kept calling my name. I kept climbing and climbing and climbing.

I was getting a little irritated, but I kept going. Where is this rope taking me?

Finally, I’ve reached the light! I’ve climbed out of the dark I was in. I was trapped for a while.

Now, everything’s golden. Nothing in sight, just gold. I climbed out of the dark into the light.

I have no idea what to think now. First I was trapped in black, now I’m trapped in gold?

Maybe there was a hidden message. Maybe I was supposed to know something here.

The message here is that no matter how dark you feel, there’s always gold awaiting for you.

No matter how much black you’re surrounded by, you will always find gold.

The Golden light will always be there for you. It’ll find you.