You’ve pulled yourself up from the ground. Now you’re wondering what’s next? You’ve been down for so long, now you’re up and don’t know how to feel about it. You’re standing tall now.

When you see someone down, what would you do? Let them lay there or help them up? You would help that person up. Lift one another. That’s how we rise together. In life, you always got to find a way to lift. Somehow, lift. Rise up and move forward. Encourage others to do the same.

Lift yourself from your down point. Lift others from their down point. We all must rise and flex our strength over all obstacles. That’s how we should roll. Come to think of it, we don’t live life without ever lifting. How could you not? It’s pretty astonishing how that is. We all have been through hard times where you’re just down and out. You feel like you can’t move. You feel like you have absolutely no strength to get up. You feel like you have absolutely no desire to move forward. I have a question; if you’ve ever felt like this before, how long did that last? Where you down and out forever? No, you’ve lifted yourself up. Now, you’re unstoppable.

Always lift yourself up. Keep pushing forward, keep pushing the naysayers out of the way, and don’t stop. Along the way, lift others. Lift others so they can have the same courage as you do. Lift others so they can have the same amount of strength that you have.

Lift yourself. Lift others. Lift the world.