Emoji My Life

Remember “Draw My Life”? Well let’s try “Emoji My Life“!

Drop the top 5 emojis that would describe your life. I’ll share you mines:


😁: I’m always smiling. Ever since I was little, I smile. Life can sure be a hazard, but you should always smile at the end of the day. Throughout my life, I would smile for absolutely no reason when I shouldn’t be. I guess that’s part of being me.

🤙: I’ve always try to keep things cool. I don’t like having confrontation or anything like that. Whenever there are issues, I typically would resolve them collectively. I always try to maintain things smoothly, to keep everything peaceful. I know that can’t happen all the time, but doesn’t hurt to try right?

❤: Spreading love is great, especially receiving them in return. In any way, shape or form, I try to give love. It’s not that simple at all from what I’ve experienced throughout my life, but at least I try. Receiving love is great too as you know there’s always people out there that will appreciate your love and give it back in return. The times I’ve gone through that were great. I continue to do so to this day. Always give love, and you’ll receive it.

😔: We can all feature this one. I’ve sure had many downs in my life. Total roller coaster. Total zig zag. We can all share this. It’s a pain to deal with but, that’s what makes me stronger and wiser. The downs can be a blessing in a strange way. Not always the case but it sure can be sometimes. Feeling sorrow can go on forever but I refuse to feel that way. That’s not how I spend my days.

💯: I’m always myself. No matter what. Yes I’m different, but I’m me. Never fully understood that until I grew. I did fit in with others as a kid but the older I got, the more I’ve realized that it’s not about fitting in, it’s about being yourself. That’s always been me. I’m happy with that.