Hey you, stop…..

It’s time to collect. Pay up or die…..just kidding. Well, not really. I’m not talking about your money. Keep that. I’m talking about your soul. You’ve got to understand that we all will expire one day. Would you like to just get it over with? I can make that happen, with the right price.

C’mon, I’m not asking for much. All I’m asking is for you to cough over the dough. Cough over your life and I can create a new one for you.

Just Trust Me…….

I’m the collector. Don’t you see? The suit, tie, Rolex, overall I’m your man. Impressed? Yes. Now, give me your trust and I’ll help you. Let me collect you. I can guide you to a better life full of better opportunities. Now that’s priceless baby! All I need is your trust.